is-Buddy-of visualizer software

One day before lunch, I was a bit bored and clicked through the web, stumbling into a web community where teenage people with the usual funny web community names chat by exchanging guestbook notes (for public consumption; I assume they know that access to the guestbooks is public). Then I found the "my friends" list and wanted to look at them from above.

Python was helpful in this respect, with urllib permitting to download a web page of known name in two lines of code. I used the graph layout guesser neato from the graphviz project for neat graph layout and PS output. Didn't take long.

Of course, if you're trying to spy on someone particular, don't use this, but if you're just bored or have an unused A0 plotter standing around, enjoy.

The iboviz program is preconfigured for the uboot community of teenage SMS addicts, but can be adapted to other communities by changing regular expressions in